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We are able to pass on information about lines of ancestry using the expertise of local genealogists affiliated "Eiker Archive". The information generates from decades of research. The source of information is primarily parish registers, population census and probate registers. These are primary sources, while secondary sources are e.g. published books about genealogy and private information. The latter of recent years. One of the databases includes more than 120.000 "Eiker names"! Do note the bases may contain some actual genealogical mistakes, which of course are unwanted by us all. If there are mistakes in the material distributed, they will of course be corrected if the correct information exists within the database. If not, payment will be refunded.

All information communicated through this service are for private use only! Other usage must be agreed upon.        



I am interested in : (Tick).

     Ancestors. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. backwards in time. Price € 1.2 per person.
gedcom file transcript.

Ancestors with families. As in ancestors, but including all registered children in each generation. An excellent transcript for those who are planning to construct their own generation base. Only as gedcom file. Price € 2.4 per person.

Collapsed ancestor chart. As above, all registered ancestors, but transcripted in such a way that it shows like a "family tree" with pointers to mother and father in all generations. Optional fonts. Only as a transcript. Price € 1.2 per person.

Descendants of one person (generationbook). Those should be picked from the most "remote" ancesters. This is a very extensive work and special terms must be agreed upon in each case. Normally delivered in book form. (A4 size).

Stories/facts. About individuals, their work, political office, tasks and so on. (If we have information).

Relationship to others in the data base. (Example: Am I related to Herman Wildenvey?)
Price € 12